Ahhhh so sorry for slacking on this blog!! Definitely going to try and work on stuff this coming week! Make sure to send in pictures if you’re dressing as Patrick this halloween!!!

Anonymous asked: For Halloween, I am going as Patrick Stump and I was wondering what shoes to wear in case I don't get the boots. I have black vans, black and grey vans, black and white nike shoes, purple converse, black, and grey moccasins, black and pink nike, blue converse, plaid (Purple and black) Converse, dark grey and green nikes, black nike basketball shoes, black jordans. I have more but that is probably all that would even come close. Thank you!

The nikes would be great for pre-hiatus patrick!

Anonymous asked: Hey. I know that requests are currently closed but I was wondering what shoes you would wear for a tribute to Patricks style. I have green converse, blue vans, dessert boots and black booties

I’d go with the black boots!

Anonymous asked: to the anon you just answered, i think there's one for both members of 21p, dressliketwentyonepilots. it hasn't been around for too long but i'm sure you could give them a request

Thank you!!

Anonymous asked: ur really good at finding clothes!!! what the heck!!!! do you know about any other 'dresslike' tumblrs? bc this is the only one i've seen besides dresslikepeterwentz but pete doesn't dress as dapper as patrick, tyler joseph dresses fairly well tho

The only other two that I know about are dresslikesarahurie and dresslikemeagancamper!!

Anonymous asked: Were his boots like a one time thing or will they be in stock again?

My best guess is that they won’t be in stock again.

Anonymous asked: Hey whats the name or what information do I need to bur the jacket he wears on the video The Phoenix?

That jacket is currently out of stock.

Anonymous asked: I think I love you...

I think I might love you too…

Anonymous asked: Thank you so much for running this blog I love you

Thank you for taking the time to say so!! I love you too!!!

Is this how Patrick feels during a q&a???

Anonymous asked: These ones: 38.media(.)tumblr(.)com /49598eb05a87ef88b719aba83923f58b/tumblr_n7rk6cdgdE1qaq645o1_1280(.)jpg

Just posted!

Patrick Stump - Monumentour

D&G Patent Ankle Logo Sneakers - exact $250 Dolce & Gabbana - OUT OF STOCK


Black Short Sleeve Polo - exact $95 Lacoste


Short Sleeve Polo - exact $98 Lacoste

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles T-Shirt - exact $12.99 Target