Anonymous asked: I know that requests are closed but I'm not in a real rush. I just want to know about Patrick's glasses. Do you know the brand/where I could buy them? Or similar?

Which ones?

Anonymous asked: Can you tell me details (prices, brands, etc) of what Stump was wearing at the Victoria's Secret show 2013 please

Check out our Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show tag!

Patrick Stump - Monumentour

Patrick’s current tour jacket is custom made by Dr. Romanelli.  The artwork on the back is by Teresa Sharpe.

Here are some similar style jackets!

Black Contrast Sleeve Bomber Jacket - $120 Topman

Diesel Bunmi Sheepskin Leather Moto Jacket - $798 Neiman Marcus

Pepe Leather Jacket - $485.88 ASOS

Burberry Leather & Nylon Biker Jacket - $672 Neiman Marcus

Patrick Stump - Saturday

Cap - similar $29.99

Blue Stripe Button Up - similar $64.50 J. Crew

Black Skinny Jeans - similar $40 Topman

Wristband - similar $17.90 R&B 

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who-run-the-world-nerds asked: Can you please find the black denim jacket with the logo and youngblood patches on the back? I am making patches and just need to find a jacket to put them on


Fedora - exact $54 Goorin Bros

Leather Jacket - similar $90 Topman

Chicago Bulls Jersey - exact $299.95 NBA

Fedora - exact $54 Goorin Bros

Shirt - similar $40 Topman

Black Skinny Jeans - exact $50 Topman

Air Colton Boots - exact - OUT OF STOCK - Cole Haan

Anonymous asked: Could you please direct me to any of your posts for patrick's cardigans? Im on mobile so its hard to really find anything.

Here ya go!

Fedora - exact $54 Goorin Bros

Cotton Cardigan - exact $82 American Apparel

Polo Shirt - similar $59.99 Ralph Lauren

Anonymous asked: Please check the save rock and roll video. They have on the same jacket. Both have silver zips and buttons on shoulders and the belt feature at the bottom.

But if you check out the inside of the jackets

Pete’s Tripp NYC jacket’s inner lining is white


While the inner lining on Patrick’s jacket is black



Also ever since that picture of the fall out boy display with the Young Blood Chronicles clothes started going around, I’ve gotten like 20 messages linking me to that Save Rock and Roll jacket. The Tripp NYC jacket in the display is Pete’s not Patricks. Wrong blog to be sending those links to haha.

Ahhh alright so as of now requests are closed. Sorry, but I really want to get to the ones that are currently in my inbox, and the new requests keep pushing them further down the list. My ask is still open for questions, but please do not send in requests.

Anonymous asked: Anon from a day or two ago - did the link send in ? I just want to make sure bcus my internet doesnt always send them.

Yes it did!

Anonymous asked: Can you please find the new shoes Patrick's been wearing on Monumentour?? I love them so much! (also if you can find lady versions that would be cool too but you dont have to ^.^)

Ahhh do you have a picture or a link to a picture that you could send me?